Legacy 6 – structural steel edging

*Prices are per metre. We supply edging in 3 metre lengths. For orders over 100m, please call our office:
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Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel




100mm, 150mm, 200mm



Legacy 6 is a robust steel edging for high-traffic areas and structural projects.

At 6mm thick, it’s one of the strongest types of metal border edging we sell. In fact, it’s so strong that you can run a lawn mower over it or even drive your car over it, and it will stay standing.

Formed steel edging can be used for various landscaping projects, making it popular among landscape architects, designers, home builders, and local authorities.

Suitable for high-traffic areas, you can use it for edging driveways, garden borders, raised beds, terracing, and lake edgings. 

Edging in mild and galvanised steel

Legacy 6mm steel edging comes in mild steel and galvanised steel. 

Mild steel edging can be left to weather, reaching a natural rust patina in four to six months. In contrast, galvanised steel edging is fully rust-resistant. For this reason, galvanised steel is popular with local authorities for low-maintenance amenity areas.

You can buy 6mm steel edging in different heights – 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm.

Each type of border strip is suitable for different applications. We recommend using 150mm steel edging for driveways, but taller edging may be required for structural installations such as creating raised beds, terracing, and lake edgings. 

Steel landscape edging can be bent to radiuses of 8m on-site; we also provide a full bending service if required.

Installing 6mm steel edging 

Installing metal border edging is straightforward with our unique locking system. Strips are secured using strong steel pins that are pushed through collars into the ground at metre intervals.

Each strip connects to the next one with a locking system. This secure connection allows you to create a robust and sturdy run of edging that looks neat and professional. 

Our installation guide breaks down the process into straightforward steps so you can fit the edging yourself. We also offer a full installation service. 

How to buy steel border edging 

We supply steel border edging in 3m lengths – simply choose the material and the height from the options on the left, and you’ll see the price per metre (minimum order 21 metres). We also sell pre-formed right-angle corners. 

For orders over 100m, call our customer care team, who are on hand to help.

Nationwide delivery is available, fulfilled by Palletline. 

Why choose Legacy Edging? 

Our 6mm steel edging is strong with an elegant finish.

It's versatile enough to use across many applications and straightforward to install, whether you're creating straight lines or gentle sweeping curves. Simple butt joints and hidden fixings guarantee no unsightly connections, boltheads or overlaps.

Made at our fabrication unit in Leicestershire to exacting standards, our galvanised and mild steel edging is made using solid British steel. With virtually no maintenance required, you can expect it to last decades.

Recommended by landscape architects, designers, and builders, our robust steel edging is simply a cut above the rest. 

Legacy Edging is part of The Traditional Company. 

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