Galvanised Steel Garden Edging

When it comes to long-lasting garden edging, galvanised steel is the ideal option. Whatever the weather and environment throw at it, our edging will withstand it and continue to look fantastic.

The galvanised finish of our driveway edging means that it is protected against corrosion and weathering. This makes it perfectly suited to wet environments and gardens in coastal regions where saltwater can affect other metals over type.

Available across all of our ranges, the fully rust-resistant garden edging is strong enough for busy driveways, tiered gardens, large planters and more. Favoured by local authorities for amenity areas due to its strength and durability, it will help you complete your landscaping to a high standard.

Durable, Weather-Resistant Garden Edging

Our galvanised steel lawn edging is available across our Legacy 3, 5 and 6 ranges, providing you with easy-to-install edging for your back garden right up to high traffic driveways.

Made of UK steel, we can provide the edging on a self-install basis or with a full installation service.

Galvaised Steel Garden Edging FAQ’s

Does galvanised steel rust?
Galvanised steel is fully rust and corrosion resistant due to the zinc coating applied to its surface. Eventually, this coating will wear down, leaving the steel open to rust, However, this can take decades.
How long does galvanised steel edging last?
Galvanised steel can last anywhere from 30 to 170 years, depending on its use and the environment. As it is able to withstand moisture and adverse weather conditions, your garden edging will stay in great condition for decades.
How do you install galvanised steel lawn edging?
Installing galvanised steel edging is just as easy as installing any of our Legacy Edging.

  1. Mark out the line using string or a marker spray.
  2. Once you are happy with the line, dig a narrow trench (about 10cm wide) along it. This trench needs to be deep enough for about half of the vertical face of your edging to sit underground.
  3. Starting from the most prominent corner of your line, install your edging by attaching two to three lengths together using the locking pins. Bend the lengths as needed as you move along the line.
  4. When you’re happy that the line is right, starting at the corner, drive the pins into the ground until they are level with the collars.

We also provide a full installation service.

Can galvanised steel edging be painted?
You can paint galvanised steel edging if you want to change the colour, although the coating provides enough protection without the need for paint. However, you need to make sure that the paint you’re using is formulated for galvanized steel.

Using the wrong paint system will mean that the paint peels or sheds due to the zinc coating on the steel.

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